Historically Pena Foods was a niche business providing services to small foodservice establishments and food kitchens that sold prepared meals to lunch trucks. As a result of our dedication, superior customer service, and unmatched ability to deliver as promised, our company gained recognition, and in response to the large demand for our products and services we began to diversify and expand.

Today, we service a variety of customers including schools, cafeterias, governmental institutions, elderly facilities, healthcare centers, and jails to list a few. We continue to be a family owned business that offers personalized attention, flexibility and the most complete selection of products in the area.

We are conveniently located in the Miami area and stock 3,000 items in our facility, including a varied selection of meats, dairy products, blends, spices, grains, herbs, cooking wines, disposable goods, baking products, snacks, prepared foods, canned products, juices, flavors and extracts, dry goods and cleaning supplies. Our dedication to our customers and to excellence have earned us a leading position in the industry, which has now expanded not only locally, but also nationwide and internationally.

We look forward to doing business with you and to finding new ways to satisfy and exceed your unique needs!


At Pena Foods we provide a complete product line ranging from prepared foods, to frozen foods, spices, herbs, marinades, assorted beverages, cooking wines, canned products, dry products, to cleaning and disposable supplies in an effort to deliver a full source solution to businesses in the hospitality industry including hotels, cafeterias, restaurants and catering companies.

For the past 2 decades we have been devoted to exceeding our customers’ expectations, to delivering products with speed and dependability, and most importantly, to continue improving our operations in order to remain abreast in the food and distribution industry.

There are many advantages that place our company ahead of the competition, including the large national chains. These advantages result from being a family owned business that focuses on personalized attention and on establishing great communication directly with each of our customers. Furthermore, we have an incredible selection of products that are trusted brands, coupled with outstanding customer service practices, which gives each of our loyal customers the confidence to build long lasting supplier and business partner relationships with our team.

We are ready with fully stocked products available for immediate delivery or shipment!


For almost 25 years Pena Distributors has been offering a multitude of options including the distribution of national, international and exclusive brand items to equip our customers such as restaurant owners, cafeterias and kitchens among others, with the necessary products and tools to run their business successfully.

We have a full inventory with over 3,000 items and are able to provide our clients with assorted restaurant-quality foodservice products and supplies ranging anywhere from a metal fork, to disposable forks, to napkins, bags, spices, condiments, a variety of meats, frozen products, cooking wines, baking needs and an array of juices to list a few.

Our team is composed of high caliber personnel that strive for excellence. We understand that restaurants face daily challenges and fierce competition, and we are dedicated to assisting each of our customers succeed by providing them with outstanding products and dependable services. As a result, our customers can focus on what they do best: Impress their patrons with signature, creative and delectable dishes that will set them apart consistently.


Our company Pena Foods offers a wide range of services including the supply and distribution of a vast variety of products ranging from frozen to fresh items, dairy products, baking goods, canned goods, cleaning supplies, assorted beverages, cooking wines, vinegars, blends, marinades, deli meats, specialty meats, and much more.

We provide our customers with all the supplies and ingredients needed to manufacture endless options of delicious meals and food products that will ultimately delight end users and consumers. For over 2 decades we have been leaders are providing proven solutions, tailored to our customers’ specifications, dependable delivery, a dedicated team focused on superior customer service, top quality and trusted brands of food items that our customers can utilize to make their favorite recipes.

Whether you are a bakery, or you manufacture from frozen to fresh meals, sausages, empanadas, heat and serve meals, crab cakes, breaded beef products, stuffed chicken products, meatballs, fully cooked burgers, pizzas, fruit cups, school sandwiches, or any other specialty meal, Pena Foods is the one source solution and premier partner to provide reliable services and top notch products in any sizes and quantities depending on your particular needs.

From a single use to bulk packaging Pena Foods will meet your individual needs!


Pena Foods is a trustworthy, reputable and well-established distributor that has been serving the community with top quality food products for the past twenty-five years. Our fully stocked inventory paired with reliable service and delivery keeps us at the forefront of the industry making us the company of choice year after year.

Among the customers that we work with are hospitals, healthcare centers, cafeterias, kitchens, restaurants, elderly facilities and other governmental agencies in need of quality food and supplies delivered on time, at the best possible prices.

With a broad line of products and capabilities, our own fleet of refrigerated trucks, and our commitment for superior service, we are the partners that always respond to our customers quickly and with proven solutions, no matter how simple or how difficult their needs may be.