Manufacturing practices

At Pena quality is our daily commitment, and to prove it we have a dedicated team completely devoted to managing and supervising our manufacturing from beginning to end to ensure that we adhere to the safest, strictest and highest production standards in the industry.
Over the years our team has developed a thorough set of guidelines and procedures for the manufacturing, handling, maintenance and distribution of each of our products. These guidelines are respected and followed daily as part of the quality commitment we promise to our customers. In addition, our in house manufacturing facility is USDA approved and meets or exceeds with all the sanitation, safety and quality systems required in our field.

Our guiding principles are to carry and produce food that we like to eat ourselves, and that means, food that is fresh, wholesome, tasty and safe! As a result, all of the products that we manufacture and distribute must first meet our standards before they can reach their final destination.

Products we manufacture

Our USDA approved facility is equipped to manufacture a vast variety of products ranging from spices, to seasonings, soup bases, vinegar, cooking wines, food colors, flavors and extracts, lemon juice, bitter orange juice and much more. We proudly feature our Antonio product line, known for great quality, great flavors at great prices!

As part of our commitment of continuous improvement, we are currently undergoing expansion and product diversification in response to our customers’ requests for additional products and to satisfy their growing demand for our services. We are looking forward to finishing our state of the art meat department where we will be featuring a large section of specialty meats that can be cut to our customers’ unique specifications and particular needs.

Everything that we do within our facility including our manufacturing practices, sanitation, product handling techniques, to the distribution of each food item in our own refrigerated fleet of trucks, is measured, controlled and dedicated to provide our customers with safe, cost effective, high quality and innovative food options that will help them succeed in their businesses.

Private label & custom brands

At Pena Foods we offer the convenience of creating custom brands and private label services for our customers. Whether you are food chain store, a chef, a restaurant owner, or a food connoisseur that loves creating special blends, sauces, dressings and other goodies to impress your patrons, our team at Pena is happy to help you manufacture your product and private label it under your own brand so others can enjoy your delicious recipes.

Our experienced staff can create custom blends from scratch, manufacture your existing blend, or customize your favorite ingredients and turn them into your new favorite product for a great cooking and flavoring experience. We are truly dedicated to providing solutions that are flexible, innovative and with added value services that can benefit your business.

Our team is always looking for the next challenge, for innovation, for products of superior quality, new flavors and food trends that can exceed both industry standards as well as our customers’ expectations consistently.